Sussex Garden Renovation


From early August 2019, up until early September, we have been working on a renovation of an out of date, overgrown garden, into a sleek, modernised outdoor area.


We began the project by tearing out any unwanted bushes and trees, ripping out existing concrete that was no longer needed, and excavating any new areas to be put into place.

After the initial prep work was complete, we began the next phase of prep, starting at the bottom area of the garden, by putting concrete footings in place for new flower beds to be built. We created the concrete foundations and constructed the 2 course wall from Kandla Grey walling blocks. Along with creating the flower bed surround, we also concreted and constructed the step risers, and small retaining wall, which were to also be built from tumbled walling blocks. With the majority of the area framed up, we could now move the decorative shingle into the area and fill the flower bed with compost. With the bottom area of the garden now complete, we started to move out. We laid the step area above it with porcelain slabs, framed and laid the back door step, and then laid the patio area, and pathways out of the garden, and in the opposite direction up to the top of the garden. We then framed the decking up, and squared/centralised it with the newly . constructed patio, before screwing down the composite deck boards, and surrounding the decking with shingle and filling the 2 remaining flower beds with compost. The entire bottom area was now complete.

We next laid the shed area, which already had existing concrete base, so just required laying the porcelain slabs directly on top. We also created a porcelain path around the sides of the shed, complete with a ramp from the shed doors so as the customer could drive their lawn mower in and out, as well as completing a path running from the shed areas down to the bottom area of the garden.

Next was the main patio area. This was began by framing up 2 individual single steps for access to 2 back doors. With these framed and laid, the main patio was then laid. The area also featured a water feature/pond, which was built with block-work, and faced with more Kandla Grey tumbled walling blocks. We then finished the pond off by coping black porcelain on the top of the wall, to contrast the silver porcelain of the patio. We also fitted the liner and fixed the spherical feature itself into the pond.

We also created a stepping stone area between the path to the bottom of the garden and the patio area, surrounded by shingle in a checkerboard formation. We again finished the area by filling flowerbeds with compost.

Next was a grand double step by the final back door area. Constructed again out of tumbled walling blocks and silver porcelain. Once this area was constructed, all that was left to do, was to connect the patio area to the new grand steps via a pathway around the perimeter of the house.



Paul Noel